Amidst sips of black tea and the satisfying crackle of salted sunflower seed shells, a vision took shape - a vision centered around crafting contemporary, yet elegantly understated Assyrian apparel.

Our journey began with a shared desire to curate apparel offerings for the modern individual one who possesses a deep understanding of their roots, a profound sense of identity, and unwavering determination. We set out to cater to those who convey their uniqueness subtly. Our focus rests on those who inherently grasp the significance of tastefully showcasing their heritage.

With every design choice, we infuse our creations with the essence of Assyrian culture, honoring tradition in a way that resonates with the modern world. Our pieces serve as both a personal statement and a tribute to the rich tapestry of heritage that influences us. Just as a sunflower seed encapsulates the potential for growth, our apparel encapsulates the potential for meaningful connections -bridging the past and the present.

Welcome to LILYA, where modernity meets heritage, and where silent confidence speaks volumes. 


LILYA embodies a profound connection to the concept of time itself. Rooted in linguistic elegance, it captures the essence of the darkest interlude between sunset and sunrise - known as the enveloping 'night'. This name harmoniously converges with its counterpart, 'emama', which gracefully signifies the luminous 'day'.

As architects of creativity and enthusiasts of introspection, our spirits come to life during the night's embrace. It is within these tranquil moments that our deepest thoughts appear, and the canvas of our imagination is painted with vivid colours. 

LILYA encapsulates the dance between light and shadow, the convergence of past and present. This brand is a testament to the seamless fusion of heritage and modernity.

Every garment we create is infused with the spirit of LILYA, a tribute to the enigmatic night that ignites our passion and guides our journey.


The genesis of our logo was an intuitive response from our chosen identity. Drawing inspiration from the essence of LILYA, we envisioned a symbol that would embody the spirit of the night and seamlessly intertwine with our brand narrative.

The moon emerged as the perfect archetype, its celestial presence mirroring time that of which LILYA encapsulates. Just as the moon's luminosity pierces the velvety expanse of the night sky, our brand radiates with a brilliance, showcasing the depths of heritage and style.

The logo is more than just a visual representation; it's an embodiment of our ethos. It stands as a metaphor for the intertwining threads of tradition and innovation, a timeless cycle that mirrors our creations.


At the end of the day, we're all about making cool products. Hours spent tweaking logos on computer screens, carefully selecting awesome Assyrian expressions and handpicking legendary symbols for our apparel, each stitch and thread imbued with a story waiting to be shared.

We want our creations to hit the streets, to be worn proudly by individuals around the globe, Assyrian or not. You, rocking our gear, wherever you are - that's what puts a grin on our faces.

Brace yourself for a range of fresh drops throughout the years. We're talking collections that aren't just apparel and we're head over heels for – just like we are for our brand and everything it stands for.

Get ready to join us on this adventure, as we turn our vision into clothes you'll love to wear.